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Customization requirements of Android industrial tablet


Customization requirements of Android industrial tablet

   To customize Android industrial tablets, how can we meet the needs of customers in the face of different needs? It is important that Android industrial tablets can meet all kinds of special customized needs.

Android industrial tablet

   Of course, the requirement is hardware. To be applied to the industrial field, the hardware configuration of industrial tablet computers must be advanced. This is because the R & D and production cycle of industrial products is usually long, generally reaching one to three years.

   In addition, according to the use occasions and functional orientation of industrial tablet computers, when choosing the motherboard and processor, of course, the industrial motherboard should be selected; while the processor meets the functional requirements, there is sufficient room for upgrading and expansion. At present, due to the requirements of the application environment, the demand for Android industrial Tablet PC port customization is in the majority. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for the development of Android industrial Tablet PC customization in terms of hardware.

   In terms of software, due to the diversity of systems currently used in Android industrial tablets, when choosing the operating system of Android industrial tablets, we can decide whether to use customized system or general system according to the requirements of customers.