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Qianhai Gaole held a year-end summary meeting


Qianhai Gaole held a year-end summary meeting

Before January 29, 2021, haigaole held a year-end summary meeting in the office conference hall of the company, with more than 150 members of the company attending the meeting and the general manager attending the meeting. And make a summary on the development of 2020 and make a plan for the development direction of 2021.

Qianhai Gaole

At the meeting, the leaders in charge of the tablet computer business unit and Bluetooth business unit and the heads of other business units respectively summarized the work contents in 2020, objectively analyzed the work indicators and budget completion, reported the existing problems and improvement methods, and then put forward specific ideas and prospects for the work plan in 2021.

The meeting was conducted in an orderly manner under the chairmanship of general manager Liu. First of all, the person in charge of each department made a report on the work in 2020 in turn, and predicted the work in 2021. Looking back on the past 2020, there are both gains and shortcomings. I hope that it can be improved in 2021, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and put the best state into work. During the period of listening to the report, the company also arranged some interactive links, and then president Liu gave a wonderful speech to you.

The speech pointed out that in 2020, under the environment of continuous economic downturn affected by the epidemic situation, the company can maintain stable operation and orderly development, which are inseparable from the hard work of all colleagues. He expressed his affirmation and thanks for everyone's work. In 2021, we should have a correct understanding of the current situation, find the correct positioning, improve the system, control risks, actively explore the market, increase the introduction of talents, meet the difficulties on the basis of consolidating the main business, perform their respective duties and strengths in their respective professional fields, and work hand in hand with the company to seek common development!