How to troubleshoot the crash of industrial tablet computers?


In the process of using industrial tablet computers, there will be occasional crashes and other phenomena. What are the causes of such problems?How do we solve this?Let's take a look.


Environmental temperature causes:

Industrial tablets tend to work longer hours than regular tablets, generating higher temperatures inside them over long periods of time.High internal temperature and external temperature can easily lead to flat panel failure and component damage, etc. Therefore, industrial tablet computers should consider how to dissipate heat at the beginning of design.

Industrial plate internal heat dissipation by tablet itself powerful cooling system, and the external environment temperature need users to control, the former sea le F2 mini tablet PC/industry for a variety of environmental temperature has a wide adaptability, can be used for low temperature in the north and the south of the high temperature and high humidity in coastal areas, within the working temperature of 20 ℃ to 70 ℃, in addition, the former sea high music industry tablet can support OEM/ODM orders, welcome to inquire.


Reasons for too many cache files:

The continuous work of industrial tablets will generate a large number of cache files, such as Temp files, which occupy a large number of hard disk and system resources, and have a great impact on the running speed of industrial tablets.It is necessary to check hard disk and clean temporary files regularly in order to improve the running speed of industrial tablet computers and avoid crash failures.